There Are Numerous Tooth Implant Advantages

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There Are Numerous Tooth Implant Advantages

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individual tooth implants stockbridge

So many that it would not be possible to list all in this short note. In any event individual tooth implants stockbridge proposals will always be taking into account a patient’s unique condition and circumstances. Perhaps one of the most notable advantages is that individual tooth implants continue to derive benefit from the next round of technological advances made in dentistry. And perhaps the most attractive advantage for patients is this.

Having tooth implants replaced lost or decayed teeth makes for a more comfortable and attractive solution. It all looks and feels like a real tooth. Apart from the obvious improvement in a patient’s oral and dental health, it’s good for his or her mental health as well. Being able to smile, talk and chew with confidence can only be good for a patient’s self-esteem. To think that all it took was to secure a titanium post directly to the jaw.

This is necessary since it holds the implant in place. Implants are a big improvement from dentures because once in place, they never come loose. They also don’t need to be anchored to existing teeth as would be the case with bridges. Generally speaking, dental implants continue to enjoy high success rates. But unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for a dental implant procedure. This, however, is not a reflection on the dental implant.

It is unfortunate that there are still many who have extremely poor oral hygiene, have diabetes and smoke excessively. It remains up to the dentist to determine whether or not his patient is eligible for tooth implants. But if not, all is still not lost. Because even the denture alternative has seen advances over the years. It’s now a far cry from the ones that grandma used to wear.